Is it rare to be an INFJ?
INFJ, also known as the advocate, counselor, or idealist, is the rarest type of personality in the general population. It represents about 1.5% of the general population in the United States.While they are quiet and sensitive, INFJs can also be good leaders. Even when they don't take on overt leadership roles, they often act as quiet influencers behind the scenes. INFJs are driven by their strong values and seek out meaning in all areas of their lives including relationships and work.The INFJ personality type is something special in our society. Their deep empathy, heartfelt compassion, boundless creativity, unwavering integrity and pure idealism make them a treasure to have around.

Is an INFJ common : INFJ is one of the rarest types in the population. It is the least common type among men and the third least common among women (after INTJ and ENTJ). INFJs make up: 2.3% of the general population.

Can we trust INFJ

An immature INFJ will display erratic emotions and manipulative behavior, therefore you should be careful whether to trust or not,… however a mature INFJ will consider your feelings and logic while being one of the most trustworthy of types. There is a reason why the INFJ is considered the counselor.

Are INFJ attractive : Our nonjudgmental, understanding, encouraging, supportive nature is attractive to many, although it's usually pursued selfishly, and a deeper dive into our entirety isn't sought. Lucky are those of us who encounter someone special, where a deep mutual attraction exists.

INFJs are often highly principled and have high standards for their partners and themselves. They tend to value honesty, communication, and loyalty more than other personality types. Sometimes, these standards may feel unrealistic and difficult for partners to navigate.

In Short. INFJs are attractive because we understand people so well. We have a powerful intuition that allows us to dive into our partner's personality and understand them better than they understand themselves.

Why are INFJs so cute

What is attractive about INFJs They're deep thinkers, but also good at gauging how much their listeners understand; this makes them really good conversationalists. They're original thinkers with extremely interesting minds. They are (sometimes) outstanding listeners.In fact, the conventional view in the Myers-Briggs system is that personality types are biologically and psychologically predetermined. No matter your background or experiences, if you've tested as an INFJ or ENFJ, it means you were born that way.INFJs have a strong intuition that helps us to understand people on an emotional level and we like to help others in order to make this world a better place for everyone. This combination makes INFJ women extremely attractive because we want to create something meaningful with our lives.

INFJs are known to be great at a lot of things. Flirting isn't one of them. Many INFJs feel uncomfortable or awkward flirting, at least the traditional way. We would rather have a deep conversation with someone than tell silly jokes or give them random compliments.

Are INFJs shy : INFJs may seem shy at first, but they usually have a lot going on beneath the surface. They tend to follow their hunches to determine what to do next. However, they'll usually share their vision for the future only with the people they're closest to.

How do INFJs flirt : Many INFJs feel uncomfortable or awkward flirting, at least the traditional way. We would rather have a deep conversation with someone than tell silly jokes or give them random compliments. And you won't usually find us playfully touching someone we just met.

Is the INFJ stare attractive

The thing that INFJs use to flirt is their eyes. Their intense, curious gaze works perfectly well to attract people around them.

Cancer: INFJ, ENFJ

These types strive to bring kindness into every interaction and can have intense responses to art and nature. Cancers are also typically intuitive, which allows them to read (and sometimes misjudge) the people around them.Since INFJs more introverted and prefer to think privately first, they come across as quiet and soft-spoken. However, INFJs are passionate and bold about their passions, ideas, helping others, and problem solving to make a lasting impact.

What makes an INFJ cry : Often it involves some abusive situation when someone is powerless against their abuser. The impossibility of the poverty in the world can overwhelm me. The disconnected attitude of people who do nothing to help elevate others.